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These Monoprints are inspired by Covid over the last year since the start of the Pandemic.In Greek, the word for ‘inspire’ is made up of 2 words: ‘take in’ and ‘spirit/ breath/ feeling’

During covid, I felt scared, confused and angry so I began with some scared, confused and angry marks on paper. I felt even more confused when I had done them, but there was something in those marks that was talking to me and connecting to the feelings that had ‘inspired’ me.The marks were relating to the round spikey Corona virus shape, and so began a conversation with the work. I added to the shapes, then I noticed that the shapes seemed to be floating about, I added colour to give them space and more movement, I turned the paper upside down I cut it up and rearranged the pieces, sometimes making the picture balanced and then unbalancing it. Always holding onto the feeling that had inspired me.When I finished the piece, I realised it was looking confused, scared and angry.I had given those feelings form and shape on paper.